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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmalaisema‧laise /məˈleɪz, mæ-/ noun [singular, uncountable] formal  1 WORRIEDa general problem that is difficult to describe in an exact way a general malaise within society2 MIa general feeling that you are slightly ill or not happy in your life
Examples from the Corpus
malaiseThe first sign of illness is a malaise no worse than influenza.It is a malaise that affects both intellectuals and the masses.There is a restlessness, a malaise, among the workers.economic malaiseThese include general malaise, vision problems, and increases in anxiety and insomnia.They can also help a floundering organization extricate itself from the depths of a self-inflicted malaise.Many wanted to share their strange feelings of malaise.Conversely, when a nation begins to see itself historically and destroys its mythology, the result is secularization and spiritual malaise.The malaise had spread countrywide however.