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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmalariama‧lar‧i‧a /məˈleəriə $ -ˈler-/ noun [uncountable]  MIa disease that is common in hot countries and that you get when a type of mosquito bites youmalarial adjective malarial fever
Examples from the Corpus
malariaIn his magazine, he published formulas for animal manures and prescriptions for the cure of snake bites and malaria.Officially he had malaria, but his battle with Aids was well known.More people now die of pesticide poisoning in Sri Lanka than from certain important diseases, including malaria.Some progress was made upon a few, particularly the reduction of major epidemics of malaria, cholera, smallpox and yellow-fever.In areas of low transmission, use of the artemisinin derivatives may have the added benefit of reducing the incidence of malaria.In the South, many believed that mint julep prevented malaria.They sometimes went two or three days without food; many succumbed to malaria, cholera and other diseases en route.Some house 50,000 people, many with malaria.