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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmelancholiamel‧an‧cho‧li‧a /ˌmelənˈkəʊliə $ -ˈkoʊ-/ noun [uncountable]  old-fashionedMISAD/UNHAPPY a feeling of great sadness and lack of energy
Examples from the Corpus
melancholiaSomebody had to tease, to sit on dangerous edges, to affect melancholia.Avicenna claimed it caused melancholia, and Rhazes cautioned that it inflamed the blood and caused pustules in the mouth.Sticky tendrils of rain slithered down the semi-steamed windows of the idling Rolls, encouraging a creeping melancholia.Now, back in school, Chesarynth hoped that jacking in would drive this dreadful melancholia away.This left him dreadfully depressed and he was treated for melancholia and insomnia.This can be seen in melancholia, where the person feels worthless as the super-ego mercilessly criticizes the ego.A burden on even the sunniest temperaments, never mind those suffering from inordinate melancholia.