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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmigrainemi‧graine /ˈmiːɡreɪn, ˈmaɪ- $ ˈmaɪ-/ noun [countable, uncountable]  MIan extremely bad headache, during which you feel sick and have pain behind your eyeshave/get a migraine I won’t be coming this evening – I’ve got a migraine.bad/severe migraine He suffers from severe migraine.see thesaurus at headache
Examples from the Corpus
migraineThe symptoms included memory lapses, depression, insomnia, daytime fatigue, slurred speech, confusion and migraine like headaches.If he had been, he'd have moved away double quick because the slightest whiff of orange triggers off his migraine.Other features of migraine, such as the distinct periodicity and vomiting, may be lacking.Occasionally, some one will have the initial focal phase of migraine, followed by minimal or no headache.They are known to counteract both the vasoconstriction and the enhanced platelet aggregation present in the initial phase of migraine.It was carnival time, lights and siren, and Sorvino's migraine disappeared like a popping soap bubble.With migraines results often take longer, but the attacks soon become less frequent and their intensity decreases.And if you'd like to discover what triggers your migraine, write to Dept.bad/severe migraineI've got a bad migraine, I tripped and fell and cut my arm.He had suffered severe migraine which did not respond to conventional treatment.