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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmultiple sclerosisˌmultiple scleˈrosis noun [uncountable] medical  MI (abbreviation MS) a serious illness that gradually destroys your nerves, making you weak and unable to walk
Examples from the Corpus
multiple sclerosisThis final aching agony had auburn hair, grey eyes, multiple sclerosis and a sick dislike of crying babies.High flyer: Daredevil Elaine Mitchell is planning a high flying stunt to raise money for multiple sclerosis research.The woman suffered from multiple sclerosis, Fieger said.John hopes that his mammoth walking achievement will raise £100 000 for research into multiple sclerosis.The same is true of the plaques of multiple sclerosis.Posterior fossa neoplasms or multiple sclerosis may rarely cause vertigo or hearing loss.But then du Pre was stricken with multiple sclerosis and the fairytale quickly unravelled.Two women with multiple sclerosis, including a 51-year-old Oceanside resident, were found dead in Detroit-area hotels yesterday.