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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmutemute1 /mjuːt/ adjective  1 TALK TO SB# written someone who is mute does not speak, or refuses to speak syn silent Billy continued to stand there, mute and defiant.2 old-fashionedMI someone who is mute is unable to speakmutely adverb
Examples from the Corpus
muteI must scream, I have to, yet I too am mute.I thought it prudent at this point to remain mute.They stood their ground, mute and attentive, though they came no nearer.Jean-Claude returned from Paris mute and exhausted, as if under a spell.The trial brings out many spectators to see Hetty standing mute and expressionless.A stroke left her mute and unable to use her legs.The sky has evolved into a mute deep blue, huge and high.a mute "e"Claudia raised the bottle of shampoo in mute enquiry.The kid stared at me in a state of mute fear.His mouth opened in mute protest at this perversion of the proper order of affairs.