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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishophthalmicoph‧thal‧mic /ɒfˈθælmɪk $ ɑːf-/ adjective [only before noun] medical  MIrelating to the eyes and the illnesses that affect them an ophthalmic surgeon
Examples from the Corpus
ophthalmicScleral buckling agents Hydrogels have considerable potential in various ophthalmic applications.However, in view of his high helper lymphocyte count the diagnosis was questioned and yet another ophthalmic evaluation sought.He concentrated his efforts on the posterior aspect of the eye and established the ophthalmic exam.An ophthalmic examination will reveal the cause of the problem, but there is no treatment available.Her eyes are now a flashing turquoise thanks to high-tech ophthalmic fashion.Eyes Vision changes at around forty, so a visit to an ophthalmic optician is important.An ophthalmic optician or optometrist tests for and prescribes glasses and can diagnose eye conditions, but doesn't treat eye diseases.If the physical lighting is acceptable, and the eye-strain persists, consult your medical practitioner or an ophthalmic optician.