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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpallorpal‧lor /ˈpælə $ -ər/ noun [singular, uncountable]  MICOLOUR/COLORwhen someone’s skin is very pale in a way that makes them look weak or unhealthy A sleepless night had added to her pallor.
Examples from the Corpus
pallorHer skin had a deathly pallor.In her dark-eyed pallor and arrogant bloody-mindedness, she reminded him of Perdita.He watched her, moved by her beauty, worried by her growing pallor.I stared at Minna and saw that her pallor was that of a sick person.He had a bad eye, fixed, with a sinister pallor.She could even see it in this thing, the pallor of it, the fine dust of jet black fur.These include sweating, anxiety, tremulousness, pallor, and sometimes confusion.While the patient was unconscious, was pallor, redness, or cyanosis evident?