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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishparalysedpar‧a‧lysed British English, paralyzed American English /ˈpærəlaɪzd/ adjective  1 MIunable to move part or all of your body or feel it The accident left him permanently paralysed.paralysed from the neck/chest/waist down2 NOT DO somethingunable to think clearly or deal with a situationparalysed by/with paralysed by fear paralyzed with shock He stood paralysed for a moment, and then ran away.
Examples from the Corpus
paralysedOn suddenly realising he is dreaming, he may try to wake up only to find that his body seems paralysed.A car crash in 1997 left him completely paralysed.For a year or more Menelik had lain in the palace, a living corpse, paralysed and speechless.And if they could ... Here Rosa's brain became paralysed as she tried to imagine the process of blackmail itself.Mrs Burrows had been paralysed by a stroke, and could not move or speak.For a moment, the children stood paralysed, Emmie with horror, Oliver with a fearful joy.Paralysed from the neck down, Bundini could only move his eyes.But many of the boys took a long time to get over their paralysed state.I became paralysed, unable to go down or up.Not a penny: a judge rejects a paralysed woman's claim for damages.paralysed from the neck/chest/waist downHe then fell into the water, paralysed from the waist down.Then he had been brought home, paralysed from the waist down, embittered and resentful.paralysed by/withMrs Burrows had been paralysed by a stroke.I was paralysed with fear at the very thought of making eye contact with them, let alone playing the teacher.Since 1980, education has been severely affected by the war, at times almost paralysed by it.Those paralysed by panic, or who tried insanely to drag out the guns, were drowned.Then one voice grew louder, piercing into his brain as his body became paralysed with shock and disbelief.Still partially paralysed by the brain disease Guillain-Barre syndrome, he can only speak with the aid of an artificial voice box.He was paralysed with the pain of the wound which pulsed in time to his heartbeat.Boris is mentally paralysed by the situation, however.