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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpeakedpeak‧ed1 /ˈpiːkɪd/ adjective  MIDCB American English looking pale and ill syn peaky British English You’re looking a little peaked this morning.
Examples from the Corpus
peakedLooking back towards the Pan-Americana, the huge mud complex appeared ringed with peaked and desiccated mountains.He was wearing a peaked cap of brown leather and a long black overcoat.And her spectacles and peaked cap seem to add to the image of a beauty with brains.The policeman he spoke to stood with his hands on his hips, had grey hair showing beneath his peaked cap.He wore a heavy black coat, a maroon woollen scarf and a grey tweed peaked cap.Gold braid glowed on his peaked hat and epaulettes.Cappellitti - shaped like peaked hats and stuffed.The gin palaces are out, polished brass, blaring radios and peaked hats, and they don't care.a peaked roofYou're looking a little peaked this morning.