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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishphysiotherapyphys‧i‧o‧ther‧a‧py /ˌfɪziəʊˈθerəpi $ -zioʊ-/ noun [uncountable]  MHa treatment that uses special exercises, rubbing, heat etc to treat medical conditions and problems with muscles syn physical therapy American English
Examples from the Corpus
physiotherapyThe ground floor of the new building will accommodate physiotherapy and hydrotherapy departments, orthopaedic clinic and an x-ray room.Like most Guillain-Barré syndrome patients, he required maximal nursing, medical and physiotherapy care but did not need sedation.It's likely she could face lengthy physiotherapy and recovery may be slow.Peter's wife, Meg, runs her own physiotherapy practice.She was discharged from the rehabilitation centre, and returned to the original hospital for out-patient physiotherapy treatment.She receives physiotherapy three or four times a week and is regularly visited by the district nurse.Sussexdown is a happy place, run by caring staff who provide a full 24-hour nursing service, physiotherapy and occupational therapy.Consulting suites, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy units.