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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishplagueplague1 /pleɪɡ/ ●○○ noun  1 [countable]MI a disease that causes death and spreads quickly to a large number of people drops in population levels due to plagues and famines2 [uncountable] (also the plague)MI a very infectious disease that produces high fever and swollen places on the body, and often leads to death, especially bubonic plagueBlack Death The plague caused 100,000 deaths in London alone in the 1600s.3 a plague of rats/locusts etc avoid somebody/something like the plague at avoid(2)
Examples from the Corpus
plagueMeanwhile she was not to set foot outside the door, as a plague of field-mice infested the estate.There are now three people dead - it's like a plague that's struck the whole Lossie complex.Though relatively healthy animals, state health officials warn that they are notoriously susceptible to bubonic plague.His speech carried a surprising pledge to end by March a nationwide plague of salary arrears.an outbreak of plagueAIDS has been called a sexual plague.I was not comfortable talking to kids, particularly boys, and I avoided the older ones like the plague.The plague spreads: more atoms split, and then yet more.Yet the final image of him working with plague victims transforms him into a heroic character.