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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprophylacticpro‧phy‧lac‧tic1 /ˌprɒfəˈlæktɪk◂ $ ˌprɑː-/ adjective technical  MHintended to prevent disease prophylactic antibiotics
Examples from the Corpus
prophylacticThe prophylactic anthelmintic regimens practised for Ostertagia or Haemonchus are usually sufficient to control this parasite.Treatment consists of sedation with haloperidol or other medication, prophylactic antibiotics, and rest.Such was the perceived risk of a patient developing cancer that prophylactic colectomy has been recommended.And prophylactic drug use soared, particularly in the black community.Monamine oxidase inhibitors are used occasionally in migraine patients who are refractory to other prophylactic drugs.One must be realistic about the goal of prophylactic therapy.