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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpuffypuff‧y /ˈpʌfi/ adjective  1 MIif a part of your body is puffy, it is swollen Her eyes were puffy from crying.2 soft and full of air puffy white cloudspuffiness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
puffyThe tissues, especially around the torso, looked puffy and bloated as the cells within decayed into methane and other gases.Her eyes were puffy and pinkish and her pallid skin gleamed with sweat.They were piggy-eyed and their hair was messed up, the women looking worse than the men, puffy and tired-looking.He was up on the podium, still a bit pale and puffy, but recovering gamely from her suicide.The cabins looked like puffy cinnamon buns, with their icing-white roofs.In the thin atmosphere, faces became puffy, eyes almost disappeared and some people's sight was affected.She answered the door, her eyes still puffy from crying.She controlled herself sternly, forcing her face into a puffy obstinate shape.She had on a puffy sweater and tight jeans.