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rashrash2 noun [countable]  1 MIa lot of red spots on someone’s skin, caused by an illness She had a nasty rash on her arm.come/break out in a rash (=get a rash) My mother comes out in a rash if she eats seafood.nappy rash British English, diaper rash American English Most babies get nappy rash at some stage. a heat rash (=a rash caused by heat)2 rash of something
Examples from the Corpus
rashSymptoms include high fever and a rash.In the past two months there has been a rash of newspaper advertisements for unlicensed patches available by mail order.It's good for cysts, rashes, fevers, infections, parasites, skin problems and regrowth of fins.It made little difference if a dreadful rash despoiled both little faces.In comparison studies, babies wearing them seem to have rash less often and less severely.One of his powders was good for heat rash.Lillian did not go for the powwow treatment; her rash subsided without help from either science or witchcraft.The side effects of this drug include gastrointestinal uPset and skin rash.He was puzzled at first; his skin was generally clear, without rashes.come/break out in a rashAlan broke out in a rash once, and Marc threw up after one meal.Tell them you've come out in a rash, or something.