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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrawraw1 /rɔː $ rɒː/ ●●● W3 adjective  1 foodDF not cooked raw meat grated raw carrots Cabbage can be eaten raw.2 substancesTIM raw substances are in a natural state and not treated or prepared for userefined raw silk In its raw state, cocoa is very bitter. Raw sewage had been dumped in the river. The cost of our raw materials has risen significantly.3 informationTC raw information is collected but not organized, examined, or developed software to convert raw data into usable information His time here provided the raw material for his novel. Warhol used everyday items as the raw ingredients of his art.4 emotionsSTRONG FEELING OR BELIEFSTRONG PERSON raw feelings are strong and natural, but not fully controlled raw passion Linda didn’t want to see Roy while her emotions were still raw. It took raw courage to admit she was wrong.5 bodyMI if a part of your body is raw, the skin there is red and painful The skin on my feet was rubbed raw. 6 inexperiencedSETPM not experienced or not fully trained Most of our soldiers are raw recruits.7 touch/hit a raw nerve8 raw deal9 weatherDN very cold She shivered in the raw morning air.10 art music, art, language etc that is raw is simple, direct, and powerful, but not fully developed Her voice has a raw poetic beauty. His early sketches are raw and unpretentious.11 raw talent12 raw edgerawness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
rawa raw account of poverty in the citiesHis face was raw and blistered.His beauty was of a different sort, raw and elegant.Ghana still imports both raw and processed tobacco.a salad made with nuts, raisins and raw carrotsAudiences admire his raw courage and daring.Following her pointing finger, they went out into the raw desert, and dug in the sand.Mayonnaise is traditionally made with raw eggs.Sushi consists of raw fish and rice.raw fishraw, gusty windsWe were impressed by the singer's raw, husky voice.They are the raw material of governor discussions.Japan depends on the outside world for virtually all of its raw materials, including oil.Knowledge, power and economic resources are the raw materials of social action, and they are all unequally available.No longer is the customer at the end of the line, nor does the supplier only relate to raw materials.Wash your hands and all cooking utensils and surfaces after preparing raw meat.The story of the Unabomber crackles with the raw mystery and tension of a cops-and-robbers potboiler.The Princess was wearing a dark green dress made of raw silk.Left: The raw strength of Anjelica Huston.Good coaches develop raw talent into seasoned players.The dill sauce also works well as a dip with raw vegetables.If you can't resist snacking between meals, eat something healthy such as fruit or raw vegetables.raw materialsNo longer is the customer at the end of the line, nor does the supplier only relate to raw materials.Or dealing with suppliers that ignore requests for raw materials.Similarly, he has the rights and obligations of a buyer as against the person from whom he purchases his raw materials.Cans are made of valuable raw materials - aluminium, steel and tin which are rarely recycled.Tom has finally pleased the invisible hand by taking raw materials and producing something worth more than what he started with.The range of raw materials for the body would be extensive.And today is your final chance to glimpse these raw materials of our landscape.Knowledge, power and economic resources are the raw materials of social action, and they are all unequally available.raw dataBut Washington did not permit the export of software that would provide high-quality processing of the raw data.It is no good saying that they will comprise raw data.That is what will happen when we get what the hon. Gentleman describes as the raw data.Purely descriptive studies serve as the raw data for those comparative studies that aspire to higher levels of explanation.Scientists are analyzing raw data from the shuttle's telescope.Data, raw data from which we have learned, seemingly, nothing.Team one is responsible for the collection and analysis of raw data received from the volunteer force.As he pores over all this raw data the field-worker discovers certain interesting patterns and principles in terms of which his information makes sense.The raw data will be cleaned up to remove inconsistencies and ambiguities between the different surveys.