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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishRSIRSI /ˌɑːr es ˈaɪ/ noun [uncountable] medical  MI (repetitive strain injury) pains in your hands, arms etc caused by doing the same movements many times, especially by using a computer keyboard or mouse
Examples from the Corpus
RSIFor anyone who has been significantly disabled by RSI there are two routes that can be followed.Consequently, RSI is also becoming the subject of heated debate within the medical profession.However, her RSI could become a recurring problem unless she takes careful precautions.However, RSI doesn't just involve hi-tech professionals using keyboards.The ideal management of any case of RSI involves a doctor well acquainted with the subject, and a good physiotherapist.Once the acute episode of RSI has been identified and treated, the next essential step is to prevent a recurrence.Most other types of RSI are excluded.