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run-down in Illness & disability topic

run-downˌrun-ˈdown adjective  1 TBCONDITION/STATE OF somethinga building or area that is run-down is in very bad condition a run-down inner-city area2 [not before noun]MIILL someone who is run-down is tired and not healthy You look a bit run-down.
Examples from the Corpus
run-downSince the textile company moved out, the area's gotten very run-down.The distant fading signals a run-down age of degenerate belief.He made a fortune buying run-down houses and fixing them up to sell.The vehicles will be given to the National Association of Boys' Clubs and will tour run-down inner-city areas.Or is the genuine Dublin culture to be found in the new sprawling suburbs with its run-down libraries and shopping malls?I find a tiny winding street in the Marais that takes me to a shack in the courtyard of a run-down mansion.The men were hiding in an abandoned theater in a run-down part of the city.Meir Ahronson, wearing a bathrobe and a pair of run-down slippers, opened the door.He was wearing a torn and spotted cotton bathrobe and a pair of run-down slippers.After they had deposited their bags at the hotel, itself ramshackle and run-down, they had gone on to the hospital.I was feeling too run-down to go for my morning jog.