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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrupturerup‧ture1 /ˈrʌptʃə $ -ər/ noun  1 [countable, uncountable]BREAK an occasion when something suddenly breaks apart or burstsrupture of the rupture of a blood vessel2 [countable]DISAGREE a situation in which two countries, groups of people etc suddenly disagree and often end their relationship with each otherrupture between The eleventh century saw the formal rupture between East and West.rupture with The rupture with his father was absolute.3 [countable]MI a medical condition in which an organ of the body, especially one near the abdomen, sticks out through the wall of muscle that normally surrounds it syn hernia
Examples from the Corpus
ruptureBut the administration clearly wants to avoid a rupture.What has happened is a major rupture in the social system, felt everywhere.A pipeline rupture halted supplies of natural gas.But an inquest heard that the rupture in the blood vessel was not caused by the operation.The subsequent events that lead to the rupture of these abnormal vessels are unclear.Terrorist attacks led to the rupture of relations between the two countries.The rupture of the pressure dome had started the structural failures leading to the accident.I wear the wound of this rupture from Hoboken as a pearl, for ornamentation.Such a thorough rupture in relations might accurately be called the Eastern Airlines Syndrome.Lack of awareness of late presentation of traumatic rupture of the diaphragm in children may result in a delay in diagnosis.