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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishscabiessca‧bies /ˈskeɪbiz/ noun [uncountable]  MIa skin disease caused by mites (=small creatures like insects)
Examples from the Corpus
scabiesHer aunt said the child had poured hot water over herself to relieve terrible itching caused by scabies.If a further infection occurs in some one who has already suffered from scabies, the course of events may be very different.Prolonged contact with some one who has scabies is the most likely method of transmission.In a medical centre they found dreadful cases of malnutrition, scabies and diarrhoea.The average number of mites found in a case of scabies is about ten.Skin diseases, such as impetigo or scabies, are transmitted by direct contact.It is not for nothing that scabies is commonly known as the itch.She would even bring street urchins into the presidential palace to bathe them and treat their scabies and give them a meal.