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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishscaldscald1 /skɔːld $ skɒːld/ verb [transitive]  MIto burn your skin with hot liquid or steam Don’t scald yourself with that kettle!see thesaurus at burn→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
scaldI wish I could tell you that I poured scalding coffee in his lap!Born in the scalding heat of the equator, she had, after all, been named after snow.For the second time tears scalded her eyes.The hot coffee nearly scalded his tongue.A man who'd been scalded in the kitchens by cooking oil.They were going to scald it, Scald it and scour it like a doorstep.A scalding liquid stopped up his throat when he tried to speak.Dressed, he walks out there, into sun which pours over him like a thick, scalding soup.She turned her head away, scalding tears coursing down her cheeks and on to the pillow which had absorbed her earlier grief.Scald the milk and add it to the bowl.He was badly scalded when a cup of hot coffee spilled on him.If you're not careful you'll scald yourself on/with that kettle.