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scarscar2 verb (scarred, scarring) [transitive]  1 MIif a wound or cut scars you, it leaves a permanent mark on your body His hands were badly scarred by the fire. She will probably be scarred for life.2 MPif an unpleasant experience scars you, it leaves you with a feeling of sadness or fear that continues for a long time She was scarred by her father’s suicide.3 MIto spoil the appearance of something syn deface quarries that scar the landscapeCOLLOCATIONSadverbsbe badly scarredHer legs were badly scarred from a car accident.be permanently scarredHis face had been permanently scarred by smallpox.be hideously scarred (=in a very unattractive way)The right side of her face was hideously scarred.be scarred for life (=get a permanent scar)A little girl has been scarred for life in a tragic playground accident.leave somebody scarredThe surgery left her face and neck scarred. → See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
scarbattle-scarred young menThe children who had suffered a trauma would survive the experience, scarred by it and a little flawed by it.Older, richer, wiser and more scarred, Capt.A lover dying of smallpox - Miss Phoebe was scarred from it.The scandals have scarred Garcia's life.The favorite of these visitors was a girl named Lily who had a badly scarred hand.It scarred those forced to lean on it.Her arm was scarred with cigarette burns.Their faces scarred with dirt, their uniforms filthy, the miners look like refugees from another age.The blue paint of the practice stalls was scarred with initials and hearts and anarchist signs among others.scarred for lifeHis friend will be scarred for life.Meanwhile, Steve's coming to terms with being scarred for life.She'd be scarred for life.Children are particularly at risk, and can be scarred for life from a serious encounter.