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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishscrapescrape1 /skreɪp/ ●●○ verb  1 [transitive]REMOVE to remove something from a surface using the edge of a knife, a stick etc Scrape the carrots and slice them thinly.scrape something away/off The earth was scraped away to uncover a trapdoor.scrape something off/into etc something Teresa scraped the mud off her boots. The two of them scraped their dishes clean.2 [intransitive, transitive always + adverb/preposition]MIRUB to rub against a rough surface in a way that causes slight damage or injury, or to make something do thisgraze The coat was too long; the hem scraped the pavement.scrape against/on etc I heard the side of the car scrape against the wall.scrape something against/on something I scraped my knee painfully on the concrete.3 [intransitive, transitive]SOUND to make a noise by rubbing roughly against a surface Chairs scraped loudly as they stood up.scrape (something) on/down/against something He opened the gate quietly, trying not to let it scrape on the gravel.4 scrape home5 scrape (the bottom of) the barrel6 [transitive] technical if a computer program scrapes data, it collects it from a website bow and scrape at bow1(5), → scrape/scratch a living at living2(1) scrape something ↔ back scrape by scrape in scrape through (something) scrape something ↔ together/up→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
scrapeWe wanted one of us to be there when Drew or Melinda scraped a knee or lost a friend.Where the water dripped on to my dirt floor, I scraped a trench with my pocket knife to let it drain out.The sound of knives and forks scraping against plates filled the canteen.It was not until we felt the exhaust pipe scraping along the road that we realized there was something wrong with the car.Furious Republicans united against it, and it barely scraped by.A wind sound scrapes its thatching of sticks.Metal scraped loudly as the snowplow drove past.Three workmen came into the store -- I could hear their boots scraping on the floor.We scraped our shoes on the doorstep to get the mud off them.The sharp rocks, or moraine, which were stuck in the glaciers caused them to scrape out the valleys much deeper.He hears a scraping sound: a chair being moved.Has Hollywood scraped the barrel for bimbos?I'll have to scrape the ice off the windscreen before we set off.Outside snow plows were scraping the street.You'll need to scrape the windshield - it's covered in ice.I can't scrape you off my mind nor even, it seems, off the end of my pen.Stop scraping your chair!scraped ... cleanDonald just about hid his disgust as a suitable pan was selected from the sink and scraped clean.Most of what remained of the Murrah Building has been carried away, the earth scraped clean.The two of them scraped their dishes clean.His sandals had been scraped clean but they still looked pretty dingy.By the time our bowls were scraped clean, our anxieties would be stilled, our spirits jaunty.It was hurriedly written on a scrap of papyrus which had been used and scraped clean several times before.scrape against/on etcIn your sleeping mind these images knock and scrape against each other, creating strange collages of familiar and distorted material.Where in their travels the plates slam and scrape against each other, we find geological unrest.Mrs Boatwright was out of breath and had some bad scrapes on her knees.So Benn scraped on in the seventh of seven places.Something scraped against one of the windows.The wooden door creaks open, scraping on the cement floor.His bare feet scraping on the gritty cement pavement made such an unpleasant sound that Fakhru decided not to follow too closely.The noise of the skid plates scraping against the steel runway chattered and growled through the ship.