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scrape in Illness & disability topic

scrapescrape2 noun  1 [countable]MIMARK a mark or slight injury caused by rubbing against a rough surface syn graze I came away from the accident with only cuts and scrapes.see thesaurus at injury2 [countable] informalPROBLEM a situation in which you are in trouble or have difficulties He got into all sorts of scrapes as a boy.3 [singular]SOUND the noise made when one surface rubs roughly against anotherscrape of He heard the scrape of chairs being dragged across the floor.
Examples from the Corpus
scrapeThere was a scrape as she brought a taper forth from a tin box and leaned towards the fire to light it.Its hard, shiny finish means it not only looks smart, but withstands knocks, bumps and scrapes.Fortunately, Tonya only suffered a few cuts and scrapes in the accident.Mrs Boatwright was out of breath and had some bad scrapes on her knees.Ralph heard the metallic scrape of a car starting up outside the waitress, leaving.From down the hall came the sound of tinkling silverware and the scrape of a chair being settled in its place.We heard the scrape of a chair downstairs, followed by footsteps.I've been in worse scrapes than this.