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scratchscratch2 ●●○ noun  1 cut [countable] a small cut on someone’s skin There were deep scratches all over her face. Don’t worry, it’s only a scratch (=not a serious injury). She was unharmed apart from a few cuts and scratches.2 mark [countable]MIMARK a thin mark or cut on the surface of something There was a big scratch on the car door.3 from scratch4 up to scratch5 HBHrub [singular] especially British English when you rub part of your body with your nails because it feels uncomfortable He stretched and had a scratch. He brushed his hair and gave his scalp a good scratch.6 sound [countable]C a sound made by something sharp or rough being rubbed on a hard surface I heard the scratch of an animal’s claws on the door.
Examples from the Corpus
scratchIt's just a scratch - nothing serious.a scratch on the car doorSmall imperfections such as cuts and scratches can be sanded out with fine sandpaper.Stories can be begun from scratch or spun off samples.That was the same idea Albiez had in 1990 when he decided to make an electric car from scratch.So, in one sense I was not starting entirely from scratch.That was kind of from scratch.The last of his scratch marks have faded now but his memories never will.His face was covered in scratches.The former captain of Staffordshire, who played off scratch for many years, beat his age by two shots.He looked with concern at the scratches on Lucy's face, then poured tea which he insisted she drank at once.only a scratchThe above four cases only scratch the surface.But after a summer in Trinidad, he realized he had only scratched the surface of the eclectic and complex belief system.So far palaeontologists have only scratched the surface of a formation that Rauhut estimates covers at least several hundred square kilometres.The Government's proposal is welcome, but it only scratches the surface of the problem.Surface only scratched and the guide has proved its worth already.But without proper government action, they only scratch at the problem.A lot of titles for this year you may think, but I've only scratched the surface.had a scratchNurse found the worst patches around his ears where he had scratched the scalp sore.This cat had no whiskers + he had scratch on his nose.Some one had scratched the eyes out of an otter on the litter campaign poster.