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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsepticaemiasep‧ti‧cae‧mi‧a British English, septicemia American English /ˌseptəˈsiːmiə/ noun [uncountable] medical  MIa serious condition in which infection spreads from a part of your body through your blood syn blood poisoning
Examples from the Corpus
septicaemiaIt would also protect against septicaemia in which bacteria multiply unchecked in the blood, possibly causing death without prompt treatment.In drug addiction, infections such as hepatitis and septicaemia get into the blood stream through infected needles.Lewis died 7 May 1886 at his home in Woolston, near Southampton, from pneumonia, possibly aggravated by septicaemia.Small shot one sheep half-paralysed by septicaemia, and brought in seven ewes that had lost lambs or fallen ill.Fragments of rotting flesh lodged under the claws pose a high risk of septicaemia.Although he is suffering from a type of septicaemia, he is clearly having a good spell.Cannulation and contrast injection of an occluded, and often already infected, bile duct may precipitate overt cholangitis or septicaemia.Pneumococcal septicaemia in context of pneumonia not included.