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soresore2 noun [countable]  MIHURT/CAUSE PAINa painful, often red, place on your body caused by a wound or infection They were starving and covered with sores. cold sore, bedsore, → running sore at running2(5)
Examples from the Corpus
soreWillie's arms and legs were covered in bruises, weals and sores.Any sore that does not heaL Progressive changes in size or color or feeling in a wart or mole.A fleece underblanket protects her from bed sores.Look out for smell of solvent on breath, nose-bleeds, sores around nose and mouth, weight loss.During the peri-operative period pressure sore should be prevented by regular changes of position.The key opens on to a beige carpet that looks like a water poodle with burns and saddle sores.His hands were gnarled, and his legs were covered with sores.