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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspecial needsˌspecial ˈneeds ●○○ noun [plural]  MIMHneeds that someone has because they have mental or physical problems children with special needs
Examples from the Corpus
special needsRemember any special needs of handicapped people such as drinking cups and specially designed cutlery.If governors are to make good decisions on meeting special needs their approach must be equally systematic.In this wider sense, the problem of special needs is largely a problem of social disadvantage and poverty.When we undertook our study we found that the categorisation usually made of the special needs of children was insufficiently detailed.At the same time the child with special needs is challenged intellectually and socially.Read in studio Voice over Two schools for children with special needs are locked in an argument over whether or not they should merge.Teachers are trained to help students with special needs.The distribution of students with special needs among different types of courses is shown in Figure 11.27.Supporters of those with special needs should be exemplars of such good practice.