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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsprainsprain /spreɪn/ ●○○ verb [transitive]  MIto damage a joint in your body by suddenly twisting it syn twist I fell down the steps and sprained my ankle.see thesaurus at hurt, injurysprain noun [countable] I thought my wrist might be broken, but it was just a bad sprain.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
sprainSharks officials said it was a slight sprain.You'll need strong walking boots in the mountains, if you don't want to sprain an ankle.Amy fell down and sprained her ankle.When a kid sprains her hand or jams her finger, which happens often, she tries to shake it out.Cornerback Rod Woodson sprained his left groin.Although I knew it was badly sprained I did not feel it was broken.Backup guard / center Jesse Sapolu is questionable with a sprained left ankle.I sprained my knee while I was playing basketball.A sprain or a broken leg.The bench pulls, for example, tugged away at my sprained pec.Left tackle Derrick Deese has a sprained right foot and is probable for the game.sprained ... ankleAs expected, the Clippers activated Stanley Roberts, out since Nov. 29 with a sprained ankle.On the third morning, she slipped in the omnipresent mud and sprained an ankle.Corie Blount suffered a mildly sprained right ankle after his awkward landing following a defensive rebound.Defensive tackle Bryant Young sprained his right ankle and is questionable.He had a knee injury, sprained his ankle twice, got the flu twice.For a sprained ankle use rest, ice, compression and elevation.Left tackle Derrick Deese sprained his right ankle when Steve Young rolled on his leg.