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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsquintsquint1 /skwɪnt/ verb [intransitive]  1 LOOK ATto look at something with your eyes partly closed in order to see better Anna squinted in the sudden bright sunlight.squint at Stop squinting at the screen – put your glasses on.2 [not in progressive] British EnglishMI to have each eye looking in a slightly different direction→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
squintShe smiled and squinted against the sun.He squinted ahead, suddenly indignant.Clayt Johnson whirled around, squinted and looked the man up and down.I squinted and transformed the galaxy into the dust of my dead skin.She squinted at the sign but couldn't read what it said.Driving down the narrow country road, Blackthorne squinted into the darkness.She and Cameron, arms around each other, facing the camera and squinting into the sunlight.He lay back down and squinted round.Ralph squinted, straining to see the speedometer.She screwed her own eyes up, squinting through the glare of sunlight on the window and the maze of display shelves.Bring your glasses or you'll have to squint through the whole movie.squint atMrs. Fanning squinted at the writing on the door.