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squintsquint2 noun [singular]  1 MI especially British English a condition of your eye muscles that makes each eye look in a slightly different direction2 have/take a squint at something
Examples from the Corpus
squintIf I remember, he was a dark young fellow, black hair and a squint in his right eye.Because a squint may be due to serious disease, its sudden appearance should always be taken seriously.That flaw replaced our smile with a squint on one long afternoon drive.It will mean fewer patients need stay in the infirmary for operations on cataracts and squints.She clutches her pocketbook nervously and squints into the shadows.But a constant squint in a baby under three months indicates a problem and you should speak to your doctor about it.Johnson gave the nest a little squint.Everyone will either sympathize with your terrible squint or think that you are offering some form of invitation.