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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishswellingswell‧ing /ˈswelɪŋ/ noun  1 [countable]MI an area of your body that has become larger than normal, because of illness or injuryswelling in/on a painless swelling in his neck2 [uncountable]MIBIG the condition of having swelled The spider’s bite can cause pain and swelling. These tablets should reduce the swelling.
Examples from the Corpus
swellingHe developed stress induced swelling of both knees and the right elbow.They looked down from the bridge and saw the arms washed upwards, the plague swellings plainly visible.He had felt them - round swelling lumps the size of gold coins.This condition normally gives rise to severe swelling, known as oedema, in various parts of the body.They are bristly with a slight swelling towards the tip, before the final tapering-off.My doctor examined the swelling on my back.Nothing seemed to stop the swelling.Though the swelling had gone from her temple and the bruise was fading, she still appeared wan.swelling in/onMud and roots circled in the soup; a swelling in the undertow.Their ranks are swelling in the bull market.Q: Over the past several weeks my husband noticed gradually increased swelling in his stomach.His energy levels increased and the walnut-sized swellings in his neck and groin began to shrink.Sometimes, there's a small swelling in the middle of the muscle.The swelling on the horizon now seemed like dry land in the middle of an undulating ocean of light.I kept checking the bathroom mirror every half hour or so, certain my face was swelling on one side.The organic wave was swelling on the horizon, with increasing demand for high quality, additive-free products.reduce ... swellingDecongestants can be helpful, because they reduce the swelling of the lining of the nose, making air passage easier.