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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtunnel visionˌtunnel ˈvision noun [uncountable]  1 ATTENTIONthe tendency to only think about one part of something such as a problem or plan, instead of considering all the parts of it I’ve got tunnel vision when it comes to what I want to do.2 MIa condition in which someone’s eyes are damaged so that they can only see things that are straight ahead
Examples from the Corpus
tunnel visionI had three children, a home to run ... and tunnel vision as far as the Spencers were concerned.Calipari certainly has tunnel vision where profits are concerned.He has tunnel vision when he is doing well.And many, surely, that our human tunnel vision is unable to perceive.But such thinking can produce temporal tunnel vision.Such proposals are typical of the tunnel vision that has characterized most of our economic models.Each group has its insular concerns and each is locked within the tunnel vision of its own experience and tangible self-interest.