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twitch in Illness & disability topic

twitchtwitch2 noun [countable]  1 MIHBHa quick movement of a muscle, especially one that you cannot control a nervous twitch2 MOVE/CHANGE POSITIONa sudden quick movement There was no movement in the house, not even a twitch of the curtains.
Examples from the Corpus
twitchThere was a twitch in my left cheek which I couldn't control.A twitch of anxiety crossed my father's face.The muscles involved in such tremors and twitches are skeletal, as opposed to cardiac or smooth muscle.The ratio of fast twitch to slow twitch fibres varies between individuals and is determined by heredity.Even before its last twitch they sprang forward, securing the room.It's just a nervous twitch.I laid it on soil; the shoulders managed a few slow twitches, pulled it an inch forward.Some experiments on skeletal-muscle strips have demonstrated that caffeine increases contractions, which might seem to explain some of the twitch phenomena.