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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunderweightun‧der‧weight /ˌʌndəˈweɪt◂ $ -ər-/ adjective  MITHIN PERSONweighing less than is expected or usual opp overweight Women who smoke risk giving birth to underweight babies.see thesaurus at thin
Examples from the Corpus
underweightThe doctor says that I'm underweight and has put me on a special diet.Half the under-fives are underweight, and nearly 500,000 die each year.The child is born seriously underweight, and underweight babies can not catch up with large ones.Women who consume large amounts of caffeine are more likely to give birth to underweight babies.a premature, underweight babyThe Lancet medical journal reports that children who were underweight before the operation had a growth spurt afterwards.Additional penalties A paddler at a Nottingham regatta this year will receive a 1 point penalty for paddling with an underweight boat.Besides, I was always underweight for football and just right for basketball and everything else I played.If you are very underweight, see your doctor.According to all these charts I am underweight, sometimes by as much as two stone.