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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwheezewheeze1 /wiːz/ verb [intransitive]  MIBREATHEto breathe with difficulty, making a noise in your throat and chestsee thesaurus at breathe→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
wheezeThought of fat Goldberg shuffling round the glass in the little room, rubbing his unshaven cheeks, wheezing.People with asthma may start to wheeze.He was stocky and wheezed a little.After a 13-month stint, the wheezing and frail Chernenko died in March 1985 at age 73.There was fluid in my lungs, rattling and wheezing at every breath.I wheezed at them, and they nodded.After all, just fifteen years ago, most analysts thought Disney was a tired, wheezing firm.The ragged figure shook with fury, his breath wheezing in and out of his tiny frame.The scarves sag, the whistles wheeze, one last outsize banana droops.When she coughed she made a terrible wheezing sound.His asthma was acting up and he wheezed throughout the show.