abscess ache(v) ache(n) acne agoraphobia agoraphobic ague -aholic AIDS ailment airsick albino alcoholic alcoholism allergic allergy amnesia amputee anaemia anaemic angina anorexia anorexic antacid anthrax antibody antidepressant antidote antigen antihistamine antitoxin apoplectic apoplexy appendicitis arteriosclerosis arthritis aseptic aspirin asthma astigmatism asymptomatic athlete's foot atrophy auto-immune disease Ayurvedic medicine baby blues bacillus backache bark battle fatigue bedridden bedsore bed-wetting bellyache benign beriberi bespectacled better bilious binge biopsy birthmark bite(v) bite(n) black and blue black eye blackout bleed bleeding blind blister(n) blister(v) blood bank blood donor blood poisoning bloodshot blood transfusion bloody(a) bloody(v) blue baby boil botulism brain damage breakdown bronchitis bruise(n) bruise(v) BSE bubonic plague bug bulimia bump bunion buzz calloused callus cancer candida canker carbuncle carcinogen carcinogenic carcinoma cardiac caries carpal tunnel syndrome carrier carry carsick cast casualty cataract catarrh catatonic catching cauliflower ear cerebral palsy certify cervical smear chapped charley horse chemotherapy chesty chicken pox chilblains Chinese medicine cholera chronic cirrhosis CJD cleanse cleft palate clinic clinical club foot cold cold sore colic colitis collapse colour-blind coma common cold common denominator communicate complaint complicate complication compound fracture concuss concussion condition congenital congested conjunctivitis constipation consumption consumptive contagion contagious continent contract contusion convalesce convulsion corn cortisone cot death cough CPR crack-up cramp Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease crick(n) crick(v) cripple(n) cripple(v) cross-eyed croup curable cut cyst cystic fibrosis cystitis decompression sickness deep vein thrombosis deformity degenerative dehydrate delirious delirium delusion dementia depression dermatitis diabetes diabetic(a) diabetic(n) diagnosis dialysis diaper rash diarrhoea diphtheria disability disable disabled discharge disease disgorge dislocate disorder dissipated dissipation distemper distend dizzy doddering doddery donate donor double vision doughy down Down's syndrome drawn dressing drinker drunk(a) drunk(n) drunken dull dumb DVT dysentery dyslexia dyspepsia dyspeptic earache eating disorder Ebola eczema emaciated emasculate embolism emphysema encephalitis endoscope enervate enteritis epidemic epilepsy epileptic(a) epileptic(n) etiology excruciating exposure eyeless eye strain fail faint fester fever fever blister fevered feverish first aid fit flat feet flat-footed flu food poisoning foot and mouth disease fracture(v) fracture(n) frostbite gall gammy ganglion gangrene gas gash gastric gastritis gastroenteritis German measles get gingivitis glandular fever glaucoma gnarled gonorrhea gout grand mal graze(v) graze(n) griping groggy growing pains growth gush gynaecology hacking cough haemophilia haemophiliac haemorrhage(n) haemorrhage(v) haemorrhoids halitosis handicap handicapped hangover hard of hearing harelip hay fever headache health heart attack heartburn heart disease heart failure heat exhaustion heat rash heatstroke heave hepatitis hernia herpes HIV hormone replacement therapy hospital hospitalize hot flush housebound HRT hump humpback hunchback hungover hydrophobia hypertension hypothermia hysterectomy hysteria hysterical illness immune immune system immunity immunize immunology impacted impediment impetigo impotent incision incontinent incubate incurable indigestion indisposed indisposition infantile infantile paralysis infect infected infection infectious infirmity inflammation inflammatory influenza infusion ingrowing inoculate inoperable insane insanity insomnia insomniac instability intensive care intravenous invalid invalidity invasive irregular irritant irritate irritated irritation -ism isolation jaundice jaundiced jet lag knock-kneed knotted laceration laryngitis legionnaire's disease leper leprosy lesion leukemia lisp listeria liverish lockjaw long-sighted loose lozenge lumbago lunacy Lyme disease mad cow disease malady malaise malaria malformation malignancy malignant malnourished malnutrition mange mangy mania manic manic depression mastitis ME measles medicinal megalomania megalomaniac melancholia melancholic melanoma mend meningitis mentally handicapped migraine mild miscarriage mole mongol mono mononucleosis morbid morning sickness moron motion sickness motor neurone disease MRI MRSA MS multiple sclerosis mumps murmur musclebound muscular dystrophy mute(a) mute(n) myopia myopic myxomatosis nausea nauseate nauseous nearsighted nervous breakdown nettle rash neuralgia neurosis neurotic nosebleed notifiable NSU obesity off-colour operate operation ophthalmic ophthalmology -osis osteoarthritis osteopathy osteoporosis outpatient overbite pacemaker paediatrics pale pallid pallor palpitate palpitations palsy pandemic paralyse paralysed paralysis paralytic(a) paralytic(n) paranoia paraplegia paraplegic parasitic Parkinson's disease paroxysm pasty pasty-faced pathogen pathological pathology peaked peaky pellagra peptic ulcer perforated period pain peritonitis pernicious anaemia persecution complex pestilence pestilential petit mal pharyngitis phlebitis phlegm -phobic physiotherapy pigeon-toed pins and needles placebo plague plaque plaster cast pleurisy PMS PMT pneumonia pockmark pockmarked poisoning polio polyp poor post-traumatic stress disorder premenstrual tension prescribe prescription preventive medicine prickle prickly heat prognosis prolapse prophylactic(a) prophylactic(n) prophylaxis psoriasis psychopath psychosis psychosomatic psychotic puffy pull purulent pus pustule queasy rabid rabies radiation sickness radiography rash raw react reaction receive recuperate recuperative regurgitate relapse remission repetitive strain injury resistance respond retch Rhesus factor rheumatic rheumatic fever rheumatism rheumatoid arthritis rickets ringworm RSI rubella run-down runny rupture saddle-sore salmonella scab scabby scabies scald(v) scald(n) scaly scar(n) scar(v) scarlet fever schizophrenia sclerosis scrape(v) scrape(n) scratch scurvy seasick seizure self-examination senile senile dementia senseless sepsis septic septicaemia serum set sexually transmitted disease shell shock shell-shocked shingles shock short-sighted sickle-cell anaemia sickly sickness side effect sightless simple fracture sleeping sickness slipped disc smallpox snakebite snow blindness sore(a) sore(n) spastic special needs specimen spina bifida sprain sputum squint(v) squint(n) stammer starvation starve STD stomachache stone strain(n) strain(v) strangulated strep throat stroke sty succumb sufferer sunstroke superbug surgical swelling swollen symptom symptomatic syndrome syphilis TB tear tetanus therapeutic therapy thrombosis thrush tic tight tingle tinnitus tipsy tonsillitis toothache torment tourniquet toxaemia toxic shock syndrome traction transfusion trauma travel sickness treatment tremor tuberculosis tumour tunnel vision twinge twitch typhoid typhus ulcer ulcerate ultrasound underweight undressed unhealthy untreated vaccinate vaccine varicose veins VD venereal disease verruca vertigo viral virology virulent vomit(v) vomit(n) wart weak weal weep wheeze(v) wheeze(n) wheezy whiplash whooping cough wind withered wound wrench writer's cramp yaws yeast infection yellow fever


ill‧ness S2 W3 [uncountable and countable]
a disease of the body or mind, or the condition of being illCOLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
have an illness/suffer from an illness recover from an illness serious illness minor illness short/long illness childhood illness acute illness (=an illness that becomes serious very quickly) chronic illness (=an illness that lasts a long time and cannot be cured) fatal illness (=an illness which causes death) terminal illness (=an illness which cannot be cured and that causes death, often slowly) mental illness the symptoms of an illness (=the things that show that someone has it) through illness (=because of illness)
She had all the normal childhood illnesses.
I'd been told I'd been suffering from various illnesses.
Her mother was just recovering from an illness.
Have you ever had any serious illnesses?
He died in hospital yesterday after a short illness.
patients with chronic illnesses
Her husband was diagnosed with a terminal illness. (=doctors found that her husband had a terminal illness)
Stress can cause mental illness.
I've never missed a day's work through illness in my life.
ways to improve your health and reduce the risk of illness

illness, disease
Illness and disease are often used in the same way and are equally common in spoken English. However, illness is more often used to refer to the length of time or state of being unwell He died after a long illness. if you are off school because of illness!! Do not use illness to talk about less serious problems such as headaches or colds.Disease is a particular kind of illness, especially one that spreads from one person to another or affects a particular part of your body infectious diseases heart disease!! Disease can also be used to mean a lot of different diseases Cigarette smoking causes death and disease.