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Language: Old English
Origin: sar


1 adjective
sore1 S3
1MI a part of your body that is sore is painful, because of infection or because you have used a muscle too much:
I had a sore throat and aching limbs.
sore from
My arms are sore from all the lifting.

sore point/spot/subject (with somebody)

something that is likely to make someone upset or angry when you talk about it:
Just don't mention it - it's always been a sore point with him.
3 [not before noun] informal especially American English upset, angry, and annoyed, especially because you have not been treated fairly:
Mac's still sore because I didn't invite him.
sore at
Don't be sore at me - I just forgot to tell you.
4 [only before noun] British English used to emphasize how serious, difficult etc something is:
Inner city schools are in sore need of extra funds.

sore loser

someone who gets angry or upset when they lose a game or competition:
Nobody likes a sore loser.

stick/stand out like a sore thumb

informal if someone or something sticks out like a sore thumb, they are very noticeable because they are different from everyone or everything else:
You stick out like a sore thumb in that uniform.

➔ be like a bear with a sore head

at bear2 (3)

➔ a sight for sore eyes

at sight1 (14)
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