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Date: 1400-1500
Language: Old French
Origin: industrie 'skill, work involving skill', from Latin industria 'willingness to work hard'


in‧dus‧try S3 W1 plural industries
1 [uncountable]
a) the large-scale production of goods or of substances such as coal and steel:
heavy/light industry (=the production of large or small goods)
Heavy industry was concentrated in the north of the country.
This type of software is widely used in industry.
b) the people who work in industry:
an agreement that will be welcomed by both sides of industry (=employers and workers)
2 [countable] businesses that produce a particular type of thing or provide a particular service
coal/car/textile etc industry
I work in the oil industry.
tourist/travel/leisure/catering etc industry
Italy's thriving tourist industry
new jobs in service industries (=businesses such as banking and tourism)
3 [uncountable] formal the fact of working hard:
Gould is a man of great industry.
4 [singular]B an area of work which has grown too large - used to show disapproval:
another book from the Shakespeare industry