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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishaggregateag‧gre‧gate1 /ˈæɡrɪɡət/ AWL noun formal  1 TOTAL[countable] the total after a lot of different figures or points have been added togetheraggregate of The smaller minorities got an aggregate of 1,327 votes. In the aggregate (=as a group or in total), women outlive men by 7 or more years.on aggregate British English (=when the points from two football games are added together) Manchester United won 2–1 on aggregate.2 [singular, uncountable]TI technical sand or small stones that are used in making concrete
Examples from the Corpus
aggregateIt imposed fines totalling £328,500 on 105 solicitors, compared with 76 solicitors fined an aggregate of £216,000 the year before.In quite dreadful weather conditions Cook put together rounds of 75-80-71-69 for an aggregate of 295.From this point of view society is an aggregate of such activities; social order is negotiated order.The business population Businesses constitute the second major aggregate of the private sector.From the combined results Thomas's group estimated an average particle size of 100 for the copper metal aggregates.They lost one-nil at Swansea last night, but qualify three-one on aggregate.The above studies have attempted to assess the presence of circulating platelet aggregates.Water-based Stronghold smooth, and Stronghold textured masonry paint, reinforced with rock aggregate for extra durability.aggregate ofThe company will spend an aggregate of $2 million on the product.