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borebore3 ●●○ noun  1 [singular]WANT something that is not interesting to you or that annoys you Waiting is a bore. You’ll find it’s a terrible bore.2 [countable]BORING someone who is boring, especially because they talk too much about themselves or about things that do not interest you He turned out to be a crashing bore (=used to emphasize that someone is very boring).3 PMW[singular] the measurement of the width of the inside of a long hollow object such as a pipe or the barrel of a gun Take a length of piping with a bore of about 15 mm.12-/16-/20- etc bore a 12-bore shotgunwide-/narrow-/fine- bore a fine-bore tube4 [singular] a wave of water that moves quickly along a river from the sea at particular times of the year the Severn bore5 TECTI[countable] a borehole
Examples from the Corpus
borea 12-bore shotgunWashing the dishes is a bore.Winston is such a bore!Whereupon the media, denied the excitements that they had trumpeted, declared the whole event a big, irrelevant bore.Solitons are solitary waves; the Severn bore is a good example.Gluck was armed with an incredibly heavy musket, a single-shot museum piece with an octagonal barrel and a smooth bore.At parties she always gets stuck with some bore who wants to tell her the story of his life.It was in the direction of Temple Bar Creek and the Mereenie water bores.wide-/narrow-/fine- boreThis process can be hastened by gentle pipetting of the egg masses through a wide bore glass mouth pipette.Those who could not take this minimum daily requirement orally were fed by fine bore nasogastric tube.