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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcastcast1 /kɑːst $ kæst/ ●●○ W3 verb (past tense and past participle cast)  1 cast light on/onto something2 cast doubt(s) on something3 light and shade [transitive] literary to make light or a shadow appear somewherecast something over/on/across something The flames cast dancing shadows on the walls. the shade cast by low-hanging branches4 cast a shadow/cloud over something5 LOOKlook [transitive] literary to look quickly in a particular directioncast a look/glance at somebody/something She cast an anguished look at Guy.cast somebody a glance/look The young tramp cast him a wary glance. She blushed, casting her eyes down.6 cast an eye on/over something7 cast a vote/ballot8 cast a spell on/over somebody9 cast your mind back10 cast aspersions on something/somebody11 METALmetalAVSTI [transitive] to make an object by pouring liquid metal, plastic etc into a mould (=hollow container)cast something in/from something a statue of a horse cast in bronze12 ACTORacting [transitive]ACTOR/ACTRESS to choose which people will act particular parts in a play, film etccast somebody alongside/opposite somebody (=choose people for the two main roles) Pfeiffer was expected to be cast alongside Douglas in ‘Basic Instinct’.cast somebody as something Coppola cast him as Sodapop in ‘The Outsiders’.cast somebody in a role/a part/the lead The producer finally cast Finch in the male lead.13 DESCRIBEdescribe [transitive] to regard or describe someone as a particular type of personcast somebody as something Clinton had cast himself as the candidate of new economic opportunity. Clarke’s trying to cast me in the role of villain here. 14 THROWthrow [transitive always + adverb/preposition] literary to throw something somewhere syn toss Sparks leapt as he cast more wood on the fire.15 FISHINGfishing [intransitive, transitive]DSO to throw a fishing line or net into the water There’s a trick to casting properly.16 send away [transitive always + adverb/preposition] literaryKEEP somebody IN A PLACE to force someone to go somewhere unpleasantcast somebody into prison/Hell etc Memet should, in her opinion, be cast into prison.17 cast your net (far and) wide18 CAST ITS SKINskin [transitive]HB when a snake casts its skin, the top layer of skin falls off slowly syn shed19 cast a shoe20 cast a horoscope the die is cast at die2(3), → throw in/cast your lot with somebody/something at lot2(8), → cast pearls before swine at pearl(4) cast about/around for something cast somebody/something ↔ aside cast away cast off cast on cast somebody/something ↔ out cast something ↔ up→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
castBut his style casts a dark shadow over the material, rendering it claustrophobic.This sent them on their way without having to trouble too much over casting about for tracks.The same approach can be used where the shade is cast by a wall, fence or building.After the artist's death 28 examples were cast in bronze, only 11 of which now remain in private hands.In the tomb they found a statue of a horse cast in bronze.The meat industry complained that the nutrition chart cast its products in an unfavorable way.Sparks leaped as more wood was cast onto the fire.Phil Gramm of Texas have now cast their lot with Buchanan.You see everybody casts their tuppence worth into the pool but nobody details the route to a better future.Participants will be helped to identify their own angry inner bums, and cast those barriers aside.Cast your line across the current and upstream.cast a look/glance at somebody/somethingBetsy cast a look at her dad.Taking a break from singing an ear-splitting aria, Chang Yaohua casts a glance at the odd building in the background.John le Grant sat with the others, casting a glance at the pitcher as he passed.cast ... in the role ofWhere else will you be cast in the role of a dolphin?The Falcons have been cast in the role of curtain-raisers and will open the show on both days.Doctors such as geriatricians and psychiatrists have been cast in the role of fixers and gatekeepers to protect the institutions.In his first season at Arsenal he was cast in the role of footballer turned male model.Once cast in the role of Guardian of Truth and Traditional Wisdom, a scientist ceases to be scientific.Deronda resents being cast in the role of listener and mentor.No longer are local authorities cast in the role of protectors of unpopular, run-down schools.