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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcollierycol‧lie‧ry /ˈkɒljəri $ ˈkɑːl-/ noun (plural collieries) [countable] British English  TITPGa coal mine and the buildings around it
Examples from the Corpus
collieryHer home overlooks the pithead and the haunting winding gear of a colliery where an explosion once killed over thirty miners.We have also lost jobs in the cement industry and there are question marks over the Point of Ayr colliery.A young lodge leader in Barnsley took a party of us down his colliery.I worked in the coal mines for three years to obtain my colliery manager's certificate.The two-year subsidy is intended to stave off colliery closures until after the general election.Further investment is needed at the colliery, which reopened last year when 160 miners invested £10,000 each to form the consortium.This is another area which is changing out of all recognition since closure of the colliery and removal of sidings etc.