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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcottage industryˌcottage ˈindustry noun [countable]  TIan industry that consists of people working at home Hand weaving is a flourishing cottage industry in the region.
Examples from the Corpus
cottage industryTheir manufacture is a cottage industry run by people on the fringes of society.Embroidery remains largely a cottage industry with thousands of girls and women employed as outworkers.Today whole family groups Produce basketwork at home in what is very much a cottage industry.Cake decorating is something of a cottage industry around here.A cottage industry has even sprung up among companies that provide information about other people seeking information.Industry experts say this booming cottage industry now accounts for about a quarter of the X-rated video market.A small cottage industry of biotechnology firms has sprung up to investigate this, using a variety of methods.