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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcrudecrude1 /kruːd/ ●●○ adjective  1 CARELESSnot exact or without any detail, but generally correct and usefulapproximate a crude estimate of the population available for work2 SIMPLE/NOT COMPLICATEDnot developed to a high standard, or made with little skill a crude wooden bridge crude workmanship3 RUDE/OBSCENEoffensive or rude, especially in a sexual way syn vulgar crude pictures His language was often crude.4 TI[only before noun] crude oil, rubber etc is in its natural or raw condition before it is treated with chemicals5 in crude termscrudely adverb crudely built shackscrudeness noun [uncountable]crudity noun [countable, uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
crudeRudy was loud-mouthed and crude.The comedian wasn't funny at all; he was just crude and offensive.The earliest skis were crude, consisting of short boards covered in fur skins.It is apparently done in quite a crude fashion, using a look-up table.The interiors of these stores had crude floors, bare ceilings, glaring lights, gaudy signs, and merchandise piled everywhere.Babbage's great calculating machine was a crude form of computer.As earthbound concrete replaced shimmering glass, so crude functionalism was to supplant soaring aspiration.a crude homemade bombBut this is a crude indicator, at best, for how business behaves.a crude map of the areaThe number of help-wanted advertisements can be used as a crude measure of the strength of the job market.Diesel comes from crude oil, and it is less refined than gasoline.Ice is a mineral; crude oil is not.Millions of gallons of crude oil spilled into the sea, causing widespread shore damage as well.Pools of crude oil stretch in every direction.She was worried that her husband's crude remarks might have upset some of the guests.crude rubberThe men started gathering wood to construct a crude shelter.