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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishend productˈend ˌproduct noun [countable usually singular]  TIsomething that is produced by a particular process or activityby-product a high-quality end product the end product of years of practice
Examples from the Corpus
end productBut unlike its predecessors, Midnight Club fails to blend individual brilliance into a quality end product.The supervision of work on site is a key factor for ensuring a good quality end product as well as for monitoring progress.Assimilation is always the end product.Though he said it himself, Hans was a masterpiece of genetics - the end product of two centuries of breeding.Humus: The end product of decomposed organic matter such as leaves.We have been programmed from an early age to rush our activities and are only interested in the end product.The F-15 jets were the end product of a research program that began in 1965.The end product of such a course of evolution is an obligate parasite that is inextricably linked to a particular host.