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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhigh technologyˌhigh techˈnology noun [uncountable]  TIBBthe use of the most modern machines and methods in industry, business etc
Examples from the Corpus
high technologyThere are projected outlets, too, for new, high-purity silicates currently being developed for applications in high technology.Its high technology appeals to parents as well as children, and it was relatively cheap to build.Much high technology medicine is therefore palliative, alleviating the effects of the disease by relieving pain or restoring mobility.If we get it right, displays will be about the only visible evidence of high technology.There are a number of high technology problems that need answering.The £40,000 with of high technology next to it may just as well have come from another world as another country.In the past couple of decades, Britain has managed to slither from one high technology debacle to another.In this scenario, capital flows tend towards areas with high technology and high productivity.