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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishindustrializationin‧dus‧tri‧al‧i‧za‧tion (also industrialisation British English) /ɪnˌdʌstriəlaɪˈzeɪʃən $ -ələ-/ noun [uncountable]  TIwhen a country or place develops a lot of industryindustrialize /ɪnˈdʌstriəlaɪz/ verb [intransitive, transitive]
Examples from the Corpus
industrializationConditions would become more conducive to entrepreneurial initiative, capital accumulation, the division of labour, technological innovation, and industrialization.Modernization and industrialization have contributed to later marriages, for example, as have improvements in educational and employment opportunities for women.They are bound to increase even more as industrialization grows.There can be economic pressures such as industrialization that cause rural to urban movement.Not until the years of fast industrialization and construction were these defects to be remedied.Were they talking about the increasing industrialization of the times?As in the West, the early stages of industrialization were accompanied by harsh working and living conditions.Nevertheless, the trend towards standardization could be discerned in countries where industrialization had gone furthest.