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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmakermak‧er /ˈmeɪkə $ -ər/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 TIa person or company that makes a particular type of goodscar/film/shoe etc maker a quality furniture maker a leading Japanese computer makermaker of The makers of the car claim that it uses up to 50% less fuel than other similar cars.2 a machine or piece of equipment that makes somethingcoffee/pasta etc maker Grind the beans to suit your coffee maker.3 decision-maker/policymaker/peacemaker etc4 meet your makerTHESAURUSmaker a company or person whose business is to make things to be sold, either by hand or using machinesthe country’s largest car makerWe got a cabinet maker (=someone who makes furniture from wood) to redo our kitchen for us.producer a company or country that makes large quantities of something to be sold – often used about raw materials such as oil, coffee, or steelOPEC is an organization of 13 major oil producers.Gold producers' shares went up by 50%. manufacturer a company that makes things in large quantities, especially in a factoryClothing manufacturers have been feeling the effects of the recession.a plane manufacturershipbuilder/boatbuilder a person or company that makes ships or boatsa Japanese shipbuilder, Mitsubishi Heavy IndustriesHe started out as a boatbuilder.
Examples from the Corpus
makerMakers of cars often think more about speed than about safety.On the block is likely to be one of Mr Murdoch's stranger diversifications: Etak, a maker of electronic maps.Sybase Inc., a maker of database management software products, fell 2 3 / 4 to 28 3 / 4.Personal computer makers are likely to face continued pressure to keep prices low.New York-based Loral is an aerospace and defense equipment maker.The findings will interest policy makers, the financial community and academics alike.Daimler-Benz AG is the maker of Mercedes-Benz automobiles.In order to make up for falling retail prices, tire makers have been struggling to raise prices to car makers.The wine maker has to decide when the crop is ready for picking.wine makerscar/film/shoe etc makerThe luxury car maker attributed that to strong sales of its new small Cclass sedans.All this is by way of saying the ego of film makers is a very frustrating thing.Feet also get larger as people get older. Shoe makers aggravate the situation by not agreeing on uniform sizes.The government puts particular blame on car makers and pharmaceutical companies for an inflation rate that in December was nearly 20%.Other car makers will tell you they have similar projects on the drawing board, just waiting for management approval.Voice over It's a chance for the film makers to make the most of the true Oxford experience.The news came on the same day that the car makers Rover announced another year of losses.In order to make up for falling retail prices, tire makers have been struggling to raise prices to car makers.coffee/pasta etc makerBut government orders have dried up and the factory is struggling now by making vacuum cleaners and coffee makers.Word got out that I was a terrific pasta maker.