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manufacturemanufacture2 noun  1 [uncountable]TI the process of making goods or materials using machines, usually in large numbers or amounts Cost will determine the methods of manufacture.2 manufactures
Examples from the Corpus
manufactureSystems of this type have been used in car manufacture.Indeed food manufacture as a whole underwent a transformation.In south-east Leicestershire two anthropoid shells of local manufacture are to be found in an extensive seventeenth-century vault.Selection of a purchase could well depend upon the standard of manufacture.An ingenious path to early integration of hydrogen into Martian propellant manufacture has been suggested by Bob Zubrin of Lockheed-Martin.The firm now employs 640 people in the manufacture of frozen foods.During World War II, steel supplies were used in the manufacture of weapons.Also, since this reaction does not use tritium, it does not require the manufacture or transportation of this dangerous substance.They stressed the manufacture of uncomplicated and easily repaired weapons.It is a man's shoe of Western manufacture, recently polished and not cheap.